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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

How do you choose which brands and companies to include in your Ethical Ratings tables?

How do I suggest a brand for inclusion in your Ethical Ratings tables?

What is the GSG Ethical Score? (and how does it work)?

What is the Ethical Benchmark and how does a brand reach it in your Ethical Ratings Tables?

How often do you update your ethical brand research?

Where can I compare the ethics of different companies and brands?

What does it mean when I see the Good Shopping Guide Ethical mark on your Ethical Ratings tables?

Why don’t you charge a fee to access your Ethical Ratings?

How do I inform you about a company’s ethical or unethical practices?

Do you still publish The Good Shopping Guide as a book?

How makes a company sustainable or ethical?

What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean? Is it the same as an ethical business?